[CT Birds] possible Goshawk, Farmington?

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Sun Oct 7 13:48:58 EDT 2007

While driving on Rt 6 west through Farmington at about noon today, ascending Rattlesnake Mountain and just past the quarry, a LARGE light grey hawk crossed the road in front of me, moving quickly, twisting and swerving as if in pursuit--? I haven't seen a Goshawk for years (and that was in the hills of central Maine) but my first impression was Goshawk. Agile, swift, large rounded wings, most definitely not an owl, most definitely not the resident Red-Tailed Hawks (though it seemed as large but not as bulky), larger and lighter than the frequent Coopers I see in the neighborhood, though tail not as proportionately long as the Cooper's tail. Light grey all over; I saw topside and underside as it twisted through the air. A beautiful bird.

Traffic prevented my stopping, and in any case it was headed into the woods (SW) between commercial properties.

Question to you experienced birders: COULD it have been a goshawk here, at this time of year? I didn't get a good enough fix on it to count it as a positive ID, but I'm 95+% sure. If not, then what else MIGHT it have been?


Sarah Johnston

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