[CT Birds] Wangunk Meadows-Peregrine, Bobolink, Purple finch, Red-breasted nuthatch, Common raven

Larry Nichols lvn600 at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 7 16:40:23 EDT 2007

>From Larry Nichols- Hartford Audubon Field Trip-
10/7/07-Portland- Wangunk Meadows-During this mornings field trip we saw a few nice birds including: 1- PURPLE FINCH ( female),1-RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH,1-COMMON RAVEN( heard),1-PEREGRINE FALCON,1-BOBOLINK,1-YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER,1-WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW (adult).

  The most fascinating sighting we saw was that of BLACK-CAPPED CHICKADEES. We saw flocks of chickadees moving from one tree to another. We counted as many as 30 at a time with a total of about 100 within the area.

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