[CT Birds] wild crop in the north CT

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Thu Nov 1 17:40:13 EDT 2007

Did a quick assesment of the winter "crop" here in the northwest corner 
of CT today. Mostly from New Hartford north, from about 400 to 1,200 

White Pine: Cones are non existent!

Spruce: some cones, but below normal - There are some wild spruce groves 
here that I assesed, but domestic spruces seem to have about the same 
results south of here, yes?

Ash: Water loving Green Ash seem to have some seed pods, but White ash 
have nothing! Bad for Grosbeaks

Birch: Normal catkins on White and Grey Birch, but Black and esp Yellow 
Birch a bumper crop. Good for Siskins, Goldfinch, Redpolls and other 

Oaks: Most Oaks appear to have a small crop of acorns or none at all 
this year.

Hemlock: Some have a small cone crop, and most others none at all.

fruit trees: Most domestic and wild fruit trees have a bumper crop this 
year. Good for Grosbeaks and Waxwings.

Berry bushes: A good crop of berries this year from; Viburnum, Dogwood, 
Winterberry, Rosehips, Sumac and other berry producing bushes that have 
fruit available through the winter. Good for Waxwings, Robins, Bluebirds 
and other berry eating birds.

Vine plants: Grape, Virginia creeper, Poison Ivy and other vine berry 
plants did well with fruit this year. Also good is poke berry.

Weeds and grasses: A bumper year for these plants: Ragweed,Knotweed, and 
all the many weeds that grow here have an abundance of seed this year. 
Good for Sparrows and other ground feeders.

Seems a good crop here, but missing some important staples like cones 
and ash seeds.

Paul Carrier

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