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Fri Nov 2 22:43:23 EDT 2007

Sorry for the late report .Birded too long and then went to a Connecticut  
Forest and Parks dinner.
At about 12:30 this afternoon I had a adult Sabine's Gull at the end of the  
Morain trail.It was sitting out on the rocks with 10 Bonaparte's Gulls.The  
Common Eider was also present on the rocks.The Sabine's was about 50 feet from  
me preening. The yellow tip was very easy to see.It also had a partial hood  
coming down the back of the head.
Other species of note at the park:
19 Snow Buntings-nature center parking lot
6 American Pipits-in the parking lot where the Lazuli was.
12 Sanderling-meigs point jetty
6 Dunlin-jetty
4 Horned Grebes-west beach
3 Red-throated Loons-meigs point
2 Bufflehead-swan pond
7 Red breasted Nuthatch
Hanover Pond  Meriden  early this morning
Greater White-fronted Goose
4 Bufflehead
3 Hooded Merganser
McKenzie Reservoir    
10 Hooded Merganser
Bishops Pond Research Pkwy
4 Pintail- two Male two female
84 Green-winged Teal
44 American Wigeon
Beseck Lake Middlefield
102 Ruddy Ducks
Aaron & Sandy Barriger

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