[CT Birds] 11/2 - NW corner (belated)

Nick Bonomo nbonomo at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 17:56:42 EDT 2007

Yesterday I spent the morning birding the NW corner of the state,
which really is looking nice right now, foliage-wise. A bit more
scenic than coastal CT! Notes on birds and food supply.

Salisbury, Bald Peak @ Mount Riga - 1 PURPLE FINCH, 1 RED-BREASTED
Does anybody know if the trail to Bald Peak is still public, as stated
in the two CT birding guides? Anyway, I made the very short hike to
the peak to observe whatever migration might be happening. From 8-10am
there were few migrants, mostly American Robin (65) and American
Goldfinch (20). This was my first visit to this location. The forest
around Bald Peak is mainly deciduous woodland. There were several
Hemlock stands on the drive up the mountain, but that's about it for
conifers. Several birches appeared to be loaded with catkins, so this
may be a good location for redpolls if/when they arrive in numbers.

Canaan, Under Mtn Road - 3 EVENING GROSBEAK at the feeder of #137,
COMMON RAVEN. Also 10 Eastern Bluebird and 18 Cedar Waxwing. There is
a decent amount of fruit on the north end of this road between a few
crabapples and grape vines, which should be watched for Bohemians and
Pine Grosbeaks.

Mohawk Mountain - 1 flyby PINE SISKIN and 7 more Cedar Waxwings
chowing down on a few loaded grape vines. There are also a couple of
scattered apple trees which currently have rotting fruit on them.

Goshen, East Street North & Hageman Sheehan Road - 5 PINE SISKIN, 1
PURPLE FINCH at various feeders, and a few more Cedar Waxwings. I
believe these are the roads that harbored Bohemian Waxwings and Pine
Grosbeaks several years ago. There is plenty of fruit to go around at
the moment on East Street. Maybe lightening will strike twice. Also,
at the feeders in this neighborhood I have seen many winter finches in
the past.

Luke, keep your Harris's Sparrow around for another day, please.

Nick Bonomo
Orange, CT

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