[CT Birds] LHPP and Swallows

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Tue Nov 27 17:31:00 EST 2007

Tuesday, 11-27-2007, was a Force 5 Windy day at Lighthouse, and during 
the 4 hours I looked for raptors, I was able to find 4 : 
1Sharp-Shinned, 1 Merlin, and 2 Cooper's Hawks.
    There were smaller birds flying today, thou, so the time was still 
enjoyable: 40 Brant, 39 Red-winged Blackbirds, 425 American 
Goldfinches, 225 House Finches, 110 Brown-headed Cowbirds, 1,350 Cedar 
Waxwings, 325 American Robins, 44 Purple Finches, 10 Snow Buntings, 9 
Horned LArks, and 40 Grackles.

After spending the time at Lighthouse, I also stopped at the East Shore 
Sewage Plant and cchecked out the Swallows. There was at least 1 Tree 
Swallow flying around, 2 Northern Rough-wing Swallows, and 1 Cave 
Swallow. Two other swallows were not able to be positively identified, 
as they were both flying too low to be seen good enough.

Bill Banks

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