[CT Birds] Iceland and Glaucous Gulls

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Tue Nov 27 23:22:57 EST 2007

Hi Folks

False Alarm! there are no new records here.

Here is some information about these gulls. Their occurances are  
infrequent enough that collective study is needed. What is needed is  
to specify age as best as possible and regular repeat visits if  
possible to get an idea of residency. Habitat and behavior notes  
would be nice too. To be really pushy, photographs to compare birds  
would be helpful.

Something to keep you occupied when you are bored with the winter  

Dennis Varza

Iceland Gull Winter 2006-2007
These comments are derived from the daily reports.

First Record 3 Dec 2006
Last Record 6 May 2007
Reported from 20 towns
13 on the coast They probably can be found in all towns and frequency  
reflects observation effort.
Stamford, Westport to East Haven, Madison, Westbrook Old Lyme and  
7 inland Reports They seem to be mainly on the Connecituct River and/ 
or land fills. Wethersfield, West Hartford, Hartford, Windsor, East  
Hartford, Middletown and Farmington

Most records are of single birds. The only multiple records are  
inland and usually land fills.
28 Jan 07		3	Wateford, farm on Miner Rd.
29 Jan 07		2	Hartford, Riverside Park boat launch
01 Feb 07	2-5	Windsor,Windsor/Bloomfield Landfill
7 Feb 07	3	Hartford near landfill
16 Apr 07		2	Milford, Milford, Milford Pt.

Birds reports seem to be divided into winter residents and  
transients. it is hared to tell which is wihch sometimes becase  
nearby reports may be wandering residents. For example, at Seaside  
Park there was an adult and an immature. Was the Immature at Long  
Beach the same bird? Also, A single sighting at Southport Beach may  
also be the same bird. Some birds are observed for a few day and are  
not reported. They could have moved on or the local birders stopped  
looking once it is recorded.

Overall There were resident birds at Seaside Park Bridgeport and Long  
Beach Stratford, and  Compo Beach in Westport. Also. there were the  
birds at the inland landfills.

A better understanding can be had with individual identification.  
Obvioulsy that is not possible. But, we can come close with anging  
birds. Some of the reports indicated adult, immature or  Kumlien's.  
but they were inconsistant. Aging gulls is difficult and Icelands are  
quite variable. Unless you are up to it, the simple way is to note  
eye color (dark or light) amount of black on bill, and amount of  
barring (Birds get plaer as winter progresses).  Finally, there is  
the Kumlien’s distinction; in adults, it is a Kumlien’s if there are  
dark markings on the primaries.

Glaucous Gull Winter 2006-2007
These comments are derived from the daily reports.

There were 10 reports
First Record 31 Dec 2006
Last Record 20 Apr 2007
Reported from 8 towns, 6 on the coast
Bridgeport, Stratford, West Haven, New Haven, Madison, Old Lyme,  
Farmington, Weathersfield

All records are of single birds and seem to be present at any one  
site for a short time. It is unclear wethere they range widely or ar  
transients. As I recall all birds I have seen to have been mid-year  
birds, not adults and not first year. Only 3 reports had ages and  
they were mid-year birds

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