[CT Birds] melanistic pheasant (Brian Kleinman)

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At least one Ring-neck pheasant producer in CT receives chicks to raise
each spring which include a number (possibly 1%)of apparently melanistic
pheasants (they may not be Ring-necks per se)which are released as fully
grown birds in the autumn into natural habitats along with the regular
variety. I am not familiar with the source(s) or genetics of the birds
per se.

Jack Barclay

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On 11/29 I was driving on 189 south through East Granby when I saw a
bird reminiscent of a Black Guan foraging in field.  Trying not to drive
off the road I watched this black galiform for a couple seconds before
it ran into taller grass.  I assume it was a melanistic Ring-neck
Pheasant (has anyone ever heard of black ring-neck's?) OR  maybe it was
a Green Pheasant and just looked all black from a distance (I've never
seen Green Pheasants in CT)? 

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