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Sat Dec 1 16:41:58 EST 2007

Hi All,

I lead a fun walk today, despite the bittter winds with a dozen or so intrepid birders and a somewhat underprepared reporter in tow (who imagine thought us quite mad). Things were fairly quiet but we were putting together a few nice birds for the day in an area that I may be doing the Christmas Bird Count in a couple of weeks so it was nice to see American Kestrel, Pied-billed Grebe etc. The two best stops of the day were: A visit to 14 Acre Pond which produced a particularly nice drake Northern Pintail amongst the Coots, Green-winged Teals and a host of other puddle ducks. The real highlight of the day however was a fortunately timed stop at Manressa Island where I managed to spot a distant string of white birds. This string rapidly became many strings and we were soon greeted by the arrival (high overhead) of easily 1000 plus SNOW GEESE. These included at least one 'BLUE GOOSE' and maybe a second (suprisingly hard to track these birds as they moved around forming and breaking v formations) . I did have a quick scan to try and spot a smaller bird but nothing jumped out at me. This group was about 20 or 30 times the size of any flock that I have previously encountered in CT. Beautifully lit up against the clear blue sky it really was a pretty magical sighting. 

Luke Tiller, Tour Guide 
Sunrise Birding www.sunrisebirding.com

>From Luke Tiller with Sunrise Birding Group
12/01 - Norwalk, Fourteen Acre Pond -- 1 drake Northern Pintail
12/01 - Norwalk, Manressa Island -- 1000 SNOW GEESE (including one 'BLUE GOOSE')l

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