[CT Birds] grackles around?

COMINS, Patrick PCOMINS at audubon.org
Tue Dec 4 14:10:44 EST 2007

Laurel Marsh in Manchester is usually a good bet for this time of year.  Sometimes 10,000's to 100,000's linger into late December, but it varies from year to year.  Maybe someone over that way can check things out around sun up or sun down and let you know.  I'll be up there on the 15th for the CBC, but I suspect you are looking for a shorter timeline.

Patrick Comins, Meriden

PS Had a PINE SISKIN at the feeder at the Bent of the River yesterday.  No luck with the Training School shrike on a quick lunchtime visit.  Tons of chickadees at the feeders today...all fighting for room at the feeder, and December chipmunks out and about.

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