[CT Birds] Blue Jay vs. Cooper's

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Tue Dec 4 16:34:40 EST 2007

One of things I like about the Blue Jays in my yard is that they keep me informed about what's going on at the feeders. I can't see the feeders from my desk (otherwise I would get no work done), but I keep an ear out for the sounds, especially from the Jays. When I hear their alarm calls, there's usually a hawk or (grrr) cat nearby. Today I heard very loud alarm/distress calls from the feeder area. I dashed to the window -- sure enough, it was the big BIG cooper's hawk (adult f) that I saw a few days ago --- speeding away with the Blue Jay in her talons. Such an agile flyer! Oh well, I do like the bule jays, but I guess she does, too. I'll miss the jay but I am glad to know that the Cooper's had a good meal before this cold night. Now if the hawk could just focus on the House Sparrows...we had about 2 dozen today, more than the usual 6 or so that I can tolerate. Lots of goldfinches. 


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