[CT Birds] Enormous Number Crows in Hartford

Jan Collins jgcollins at cox.net
Sun Dec 9 21:06:36 EST 2007

I travel I-84 between Hartford and New Britain several times a week at 6:30 
AM and 3:45 PM.  The number of American crows in the air and roosting in the 
trees between Exits 44 and 46 is enormous this year.  I have never seen this 
many in years past.  The trees look like the leaves have reaapeared, there 
are so many crows roosting.  And there is an unbroken line of birds flying 
north in the morning and back south at night, seemingly following the river 
from Enfield and South Windsor and then turning west over Hartford near the 
boathouse on the river to the trees along the highway.
Quite spectacular!


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