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Feeder count for 12/23/07.  Northeast corner of East Hampton:
7 turkeys
8 Chickadees
4 Tufted Titmouse
pair of Cardinals
more than 12 Darkeyed Junco
6 Mourning Doves
2 White throat Sparrows
1 Male Eastern Towee
Must have been something keeping the count down as this is less than on a
usual day.
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> Hi all -
> While the Salmon River CBC-ers are right now in Middletown doing the
compilation, I had to phone in my highlights to Joe Morin.   Hopefully they
will post the results, but I'm so pumped up with my day, I'll give you mine.
> I cover the area east of the Salmon River, south of Rt 16, and west of Rt
149 - that's pretty easy to figure out.   I first did the count in 1975, the
very first day it was held, and I have the luxury of having my house smack
in the middle of the count area (check the feeders, potty stop, etc.)
> Over the years, I have had some pretty good days (Golden Eagle flying over
my house, Northern Goshawk chasing a Crow at my house, 70+ White-winged
Crossbills down in the Salmon River State Forest, etc).    But today was
pretty amazing - I personally had 64 species, and the total list for the
area was 67.    Wow!
> FIRST TIME bird species for me on this CBC -
> Savannah Sparrow - 3 at the Salmon River Boat Launch
> Gadwall - Salmon River Cove (Cove Road)
> Pine Warbler - in a front yard on Banner Road, Moodus
> Northern Harrier - ADULT MALE flyover at the Rt 149 powerlines
> Rusty Blackbirds - two at the seed I put down at Machimoodus SP
> Snow Buntings - 3 flying south down the center of the CT River at 7:10am
> Note - after 32 years doing this count (I missed one), 6 new species is
nothing short of amazing!
> Other notables -
> Common Raven - "Jonathan" calling at Machimoodus
> Chipping Sparrow - the one at my feeder on 12/19 never returned, but this
one at Machimoodus was only 1/2 mile from my house
> Ruby-crowned Kinglet - 2 locations
> Brown Creepers - total of 9 at three locations!
> 196 Mute Swans - whoop-de-do
> Red-shouldered Hawks - 3 adults, gorgeous flying over the snow
> Bald Eagle - 2 at Cove Road, Moodus
> Crazy misses -
> Great Blue Heron - had one yesterday!
> Myrtle Warbler - one at my house yesterday (but I'll take the Pine Warbler
> Ok, so now it's off to chase Bohunks, and then the New London / Old Lyme
CBCs next weekend.
> Clay Taylor
> Moodus, CT
> ctaylor at att.net
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