[CT Birds] a good finch winter-

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Mon Dec 24 14:29:43 EST 2007

  Just for fun - I looked up my records for the last good finch year seen 
from our feeders here in Harwinton CT - was the winter of 1993 - 1994

EVENING GROSBEAK - 1st one- Oct 14, last sighting -May 10th - 2 pair.
	highest count  = 40 - (all males cept 2)! Avr. 2-6 almost daily.

PINE SISKIN - 1st one- Oct 12th, last sighting - June 11th or so...
	highest count = 60+ birds, Avr. 12+ daily (they were everywhere 
this winter!).
	A pair bred in yard that year, bringing young to feeders!
	Also had a pair of Red-breasted Nuthatches nesting in yard that 		summer 
and the following as well, bringing young to feeder.

COMMON REDPOLL - 1st one- Dec 30th, last sighting - April 13th
	highest count = 60+ Avr. 2 - 40 daily
	Has anyone had Redpolls later then April 13th here in CT? They 		tend to 
leave much earlier then Siskins.

Paul Carrier

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