[CT Birds] Ferry Rd 12/24 AM

Jan Collins jgcollins at cox.net
Mon Dec 24 17:53:17 EST 2007

Stopped by the corn fields on Ferry Road in East Windsor this morn on our 
way to some last minute Xmas shopping at nearby LL Bean.

LOTS of birds:     75+  mixed flock SNOW BUNTINGS and Horned Larks (more 
Buntings than Larks),  200+ mixed flock Red-winged Blackbirds and Grackles, 
50+ flock Pigeons, 25+ American Crows, several overhead flights of Canada 
Geese, few Ring-billed Gulls, 1 Coopers Hawk and 1 Northern Harrier doing 
their share of keeping the flocks moving, and 1 immature WHITE-CROWNED 
SPARROW  in hedge row with a few Song Sparrows.

Xmas gift for the birds was the snow melt.  They seem to be enjoying the 
bare fields again.

Happy Holiday to All

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