[CT Birds] Third time's the charm

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Mon Dec 24 18:58:13 EST 2007

I made my third trek to the Northwest Corner today, having come  up empty the 
first two times in my search for Pine Grosbeaks (though I did come  across 
some other goodies).   Today I found them in 3 different spots  :)
First at Shepard Road off US 44 in the center of Norfolk where  I found them  
from about 9:30 to 10:15 AM and again at around 2:15 PM on  the way home.  
They were feasting on the crabapple trees that line the  entrance road to the 
senior housing in the morning, until scared by a truck, and  in the same place  
in the afternoon until a Sharp-shinned Hawk made a  fly-by appearance.  In 
between times they seem to spread out and sit in the  tops of the tall bare trees 
in the area.  I'd estimate we saw 10 + at one  time.  
After a stop at the Canaan Mcdonalds I headed for Housatonic  River Road 
where I did NOT find either Cedar or Bohemian Waxwings between about  11:15 and 
1:00 PM, and a few others came up empty as well.  However, there  were two Pine 
Grosbeaks in the tops of the tall trees to the left of the open  field area.  
I also spotted one YB Sapsucker, and there were numerous  Red-tails working 
the area.  
I headed back towards Canaan and took US 7 south to Under  Mountain Road (the 
1 that's in the Canaan-Falls Village area).  About  a half mile south of the 
intersection of Barnes Road with Under Mountain I  spotted 5 additional Pine 
Grosbeaks, including two adult males.  They were  on the left side of the road 
(going south) on a crabapple tree in the middle of  the yard in front of a 
white house.  It is directly across from  #246.
On the way home I stopped again in Norfolk and again met  "Julian", who had 
been there in the AM as well,  and we had more good looks  at the flock in the 
crabapple trees as mentioned above.
Happy Holidays all,
Don Morgan

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