[CT Birds] Pine Grosbeaks-Norfolk

Fred Nowak FredNowak at comcast.net
Wed Dec 26 20:44:30 EST 2007

When we arrived about 10:30 AM today, we talked to David Babington who 
told us the Pine Grosbeaks had been there but were now gone. We waited 
15 minutes with no birds re-appearing; came back at 11:30 AM where we 
spotted them in the top of an Oak tree to the left and back of the 
Senior Housing Garage. They came to the Crab Apples in stages--first to 
the tree on the opposite side of road from the Crab Apples, then to the 
wire lines and finally to the Crab Apple trees. We left after a loud 
truck scared them away but returned at noon. They were not on the Crab 
Apple trees but we spotted them in the top of a Spruce, again to the 
left and back of garage.

Donna and Fred Nowak

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