[CT Birds] Greenwich Point Loon and others

Jim Voros voros at sbcglobal.net
Thu Dec 27 12:08:24 EST 2007

Greenwich Point 9-10:30 . Common Loon in winter plumage.    What a difference from normal.  I'm not used to seeing them like this.  Bill was long and straight, greyish/black with the throat being all white all the way into the water.  Back was grey.  
  Others seen:
  Many Goldeneye, Many Bufflehead, hooded merganser, great blue heron, black backed gull, 3 long tailed ducks also in full winter plumage which was cool to see, monk parakeet, white throats, downy, and the other usual suspects. Also an unidentifed flock of 30 or so sandpipers flew past me, all I got from them was a white horizontal bar across their wings about mid-wing and a lot of white on their tails.  Didn't get a good look at them because I was concentrating on the long tails.
  Lots to see. If you havent been to Greenwich Point, its open to non-residents this time of year and its worth the trip.

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