[CT Birds] Habitat Photos

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Thu Dec 27 16:33:25 EST 2007

Hi Folks

Since moving back to Connecticut I have been struggling with  
photographing habitats. When I set up some inland survey routs, I  
photographed them and created albums. These photos would document the  
habitat covered and supplement the field notes.

With the advent of digital cameras things have become easier and more  
difficult. With a digital camera photos have not cost until they are  
printed. With negatives it is easier to catalog rolls of films.  
Digital photographs are isolated and more difficult to catalog and  

I finally came up with a workable solution. Starting with an  
inexpensive digital camera (A decent one can be had for about $100)  
and a large memory card, I turn on the date and time imprinting.  I  
take several photo each time I go out. Being on the shore, I try to  
include weather, water conditions and tide. I also take photos of  
roosting and feeding gulls, flocks of ducks etc. On my Southport  
Survey I always start with a photo of the sunken Island area showing  
tide, cloud cover and waves. Inland one may want to record nesting  
habitat, old fields to be housing developments or show successional  
changes etc. One may want to photograph the trees the Pine Grosbeaks  
were found in. I have photos of a Bank Swallow nest site which has  
since been  excavated.

At the end of the month, I transfer the photos to a CD and catalog  
them. This is where date and time imprinting is invaluable. In my  
field notes I list the photos I have for that day. These photos add  
one more facet to the field notes and make them even more useful in  
the future.

Dennis Varza

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