[CT Birds] Tracking the 2008 CT species seen

David Provencher davidprovencher at sbcglobal.net
Sat Dec 29 12:58:49 EST 2007

OK, I'm still picking up the pieces after a very destructive divorce (which
one of us appears to want to go on forever alas) so I'm not making any big
personal birding commitments for 2008. But despite that, I had an idea for
some birding fun next year. While I swore off big years quite some time ago
and dropped listing as well, I never said I wouldn't count up what OTHERS
saw. So I plan on keeping a list of all the species seen and reported in CT
in 2008. So everyone has the chance to help. Here's the deal: I'm going to
track the total number of species seen in CT during 2008 by everyone who
reports to this list, to me directly, or that I get reliable word about. I
am also going to compile the list of exotics/escapes that get seen/reported
in the wild (That means don't let me know what you saw at the zoo!)


The only caveat on rarities will be that the report has to accepted by the
Avian records Committee of Connecticut (unless it's an escape or exotic).
That way it will give us a semi-official count on just how many species get
reported during a calendar year in CT. Periodically I will post here what
the list is and the total number of species seen to date. This will give
anyone who wants to contribute an opportunity to add something that hasn't
been reported yet. I do not want people to start posting every species they
see everyday for this project, that would just create a lot of unnecessary
bulk. So if you want to contribute, just check the periodic posting to see
what has NOT been recorded yet and let me know if you have something to add.
REMEMBER: I want to compile a list of exotics/escapes seen as well. So if
you see a Black Swan on Candlewood Lake or a Gray Parrot in Hartford or
anything in between, it goes on the list.


Good luck and good birding in 2008 everyone.


Dave Provencher

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