[CT Birds] Question on Finch Eye Disease?

recoverywing at cox.net recoverywing at cox.net
Sat Dec 29 16:12:11 EST 2007

What you are seeing is actually a bacterial infection that results in conjunctivitis. The birds are quite sick and will eventually not be able to see to find food and water and will die.  It is highly contagious to other birds.

However, this disease is easily treated and since most birds can be caught every attempt should be made to do so. Removing the sick birds, cleaning and disinfecting the feeders and bird baths, removing any debris on the ground will significantly reduce the occurance.

I would be happy to take any bird you catch.

Anyone with a sick or injured bird please note my contact number is 860-276-8433  Please call verses email as phone messages are checked often , email is not.

Happy New Year!

Jayne Amico/Southington


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