[CT Birds] Juxtaposition plus

ORCHIDS bulbophyllum at charter.net
Sat Dec 29 21:40:31 EST 2007

Several weeks ago someone posted an question about the juxtaposition  
of birds.  Two such events dawned upon me.

Newburyport, MA 1975 - Ross's Gull, Little Gull, Black-headed gull,  
snowy owl, barrow's goldeneye, and tufted duck.  But how often can one  
view at the same time in your binoculars ross's, little and black- 
headed gulls in flight?

My best leader report as a field trip for a Long Island Audubon Club  
was Montauk Point in October (circa 1973) - Dovekie, Western Kingbird,  
Snowy Owl and American Eagle.

So here is the question for the Digest participantst:  what is your  
most phenomenal  birding observation?

1975 Loxahatachee, Florida - 25+ Everglades Kites

Circa 1974 (not in the Birds of NY by Bull but undoubtedly reported by  
my mentor Dennis Puleston) - Montauk Point.  January - did our usual  
loop to the north of Montauk Point in search of seabirds upon  
returning to the Point and in search of Kittiwakes, someone spotted  
one bird BUT for the next 10 minutes we stood in awe of a wave of  
kittiwakes flying north to south - I think the estimate was 10000 birds!

If you have never been to Montauk Point - this is a phenomenal place  
to visit in the winter - this is the point of land that projects the  
furthest into the Atlantic Ocean - there are amazing concentrations of  
winter ducks here - eiders, scoters, the tides create tremendous  
currents around the point and thus creates large loops of duck  
returning upcurrent to drift for food.

Heading to my night surfing spot at Napatree Beach, Rhode Island in  
the fall (late 1990's), I spotted what I thought were hundred of Night  
Hawks - alas it was just Gulls - but they were feeding on Flying  
Ants!  Have heard of similar reports from the South Shore of Long  
Island in the 1980's!

I would be interested to hear of those amazing bird reports.

Ron Rozsa, Ashford, CT

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