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Clay Taylor ctaylor at att.net
Sat Dec 29 21:42:47 EST 2007

Ender's Island, Mystic 12/29/07
Razorbill, 3 Red-necked Grebes, 2 Black Scoters, 7 Snow Buntings

Hi all - 

The miserable wind and rain of the dark a.m. hours let up by 9am, and the New London CBC went on to smash their previous species record of 122 with a new mark of 126 - with no Eastern Screech Owl yet!    Plans were being made to add it on before midnight tonight.  

My traditional area of Mystic east of the river, Mason's Island and Ender's Island were fairly birdy, but nothing outrageous.    Viewing from Ender's Island, 1 Razorbill flew by (heading west) at binocular distance as the fog was finally dissipating, there were three Red-necked Grebes, 8 Common Eiders (two adult males fairly close in), and a pair of Black Scoters close to the southeast tip of Ender's.    There were LOTS of Common Loons, a few Red-throated Loons, Long-tailed Ducks (Oldsquaw), a scattering of Bonaparte's Gulls, and 7 or 8 Horned Grebes.

The thickets on Mason's Island are disappearing more and more every year, which is frustrating to watch.    Where there once were tangles of raspberries, bittersweet, rose and catbriar, providing a winter home and food for towhees, catbirds, chats, sparrows and the like, there are now surveyor's markers and newly-built houses.   Sigh....

Now it's the Old Lyme CBC tomorrow.

Clay Taylor
Moodus, CT
ctaylor at att.net 

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