[CT Birds] Juxtaposition

Shari kestrel9222 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Dec 29 23:56:57 EST 2007

I've held back, our best juxtaposition in nowhere near what some of you report, but, maybe 1992 or 1994 in Cape May, on the road from Higbee Beach we had a fork-tailed flycatcher and a western flycatcher on the same telephone wire, in the short stretch right over the 2 lane road.  This was seen by a handful of birders, who had pulled off the road.  We had all been leaving Higbee.  Those birds flew, but word spread as it will in Cape May, and by the time we drove the short distance to the Lighthouse hawk watch, cars were pouring out of that park like water down the tub drain.  The Higbee road was totally gridlocked with cars the rest of the day, but the birds were not seen again. Very memorable...not to mention very lucky!
Shari and Val Guarino, Southington

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