[CT Birds] Trailwoods CBC: barnacle goose, white-winged gulls

Chris Elphick elphick at sbcglobal.net
Sun Dec 30 20:46:57 EST 2007

>From Chris Elphick
12/30,  Moosup: 1 BARNACLE GOOSE, 1 1st-winter GLAUCOUS GULL, 1 ad ICELAND GULL, eastern phoebe

I don't know how others did, but I had my best year ever on the Moosup section of the Trailwoods CBC (this is the count in the NE corner of the state that no one has ever heard of).  The highlights of the day were a barnacle goose and five species of gulls (out of 14 gulls total) at Moosup Lake.  

The barnacle goose was a long way off across the ice but (for what the information is worth) lacked any obvious signs of domesticity both in the field and in the lousy photos I took.  The gulls included a first winter glaucous and an adult Iceland.

Other good birds for my area included great blue heron, belted kingfisher, eastern phoebe, and common raven.

Other reports are not in, but Steve Morytko found a group of 6 pine grosbeaks as well as a collection of other late migrants (catbird, phoebe, yellow-rumped).


Chris Elphick
Storrs, CT
elphick at sbcglobal.net

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