[CT Birds] Game Bird Questions

MHMooreP at aol.com MHMooreP at aol.com
Wed Jan 9 17:41:49 EST 2008

Regarding the pheasants: I am a fly fisherman and member of the Wallingford 
Rod @ Gun Club where we have a small lake that we keep stocked with Rainbow, 
Brown and Brook Trout. We also have lots of land that we stock with pheasants. 
This year I noticed that our holding pen for the birds contained many black 
pheasants, which I had never noticed before. I am not a hunter and don't know the 
particulars of why we have these birds, but we obviously got them from a 
breeder. The conclusion is that we will be seeing a lot more black pheasants in 
the wild that were raised in captivity. 
Marty Moore

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