[CT Birds] short-eared owl, Old Lyme

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Thu Jan 10 21:15:34 EST 2008

1/10 - 1 SHORT-EARED OWL -- 3:15PM at the Great Island boat launch in Old  
Lyme on Smith Neck Rd., in very good light flying over Great Island.  The  owl 
was still flying at 3:40 when I had to leave unfortunately. To paraphrase  Hank 
Golet, who was there when I observed my first short-eared owl at the same  
location about a month ago, it looked like "a giant moth". At one point,  the 
owl crossed over the water and flew right over a dead log in the marshes  where 
a northern harrier was at rest.  The harrier shifted its position a  bit but 
otherwise didn't seem all that bothered by the owl flying a few feet  over its 
earlier in the day:
at Rocky Neck SP in East Lyme:  1 golden-crowned kinglet in  a flock of 
chickadees, 20 hooded mergansers, 1 northern harrier, 2 northern  flickers, 5 great 
blue herons, 1 hairy woodpecker
At DEP marine headquarters in Old Lyme: 2:30PM, the two PEREGRINE  FALCONS 
were perched on the east transformer tower over the Baldwin  Bridge.  Also 
observed: a small flock of 5 American tree  sparrows in the thickets and on the 
ground in front of the DEP building;  1 northern harrier flying over Great Island 
then across the river to  North Cove in Old Saybrook.
Waterford, north side of Rt 156, on the path in the power cut across  from 
Millstone: 1 gray catbird
Carolyn Cimino

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