[CT Birds] Brown Creeper and interesting behavior

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Sat Jan 12 19:04:34 EST 2008

1/13 from Sarah Johnston
Farmington, BROWN CREEPER at suet feeder

The creeper has been present at my suet feeders off and on for about six weeks. 

This afternoon, in anticipation of tonight's forecast for snow, I filled the three suet feeders. I love how the downies, WB nuthatches, and chickadees sit patiently while I fill the feeders (well, the nuthatches drummed while waiting) then swoop in to start feeding as soon as the feeders are back up, even before I've left the area.

As soon as I got back in the house and settled at the window to watch, in came the creeper, creeping DOWN the tree HEAD FIRST, nuthatch fashion. While I'm sure this happens more often than we know, and I'm sure others of you have seen it, this was a first for me. I was glad to have been there to see it.

The creeper is a great bird! Such perfect camouflage, and such refined behavior. By "refined" I mean highly focused and suited for its niche. At Acadia Nat'l Park last summer, I was privileged to be surrounded by an entire family of 5 to 6 birds as they foraged and called, spiraling up and zipping down the trunks. Interesting to watch the young birds following and learning. So tiny, yet with that loud high voice. A really cool bird.

Happy birding (well, all birding is happy!)


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