[CT Birds] Mystery Kingbird Revealed

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The yellow on this bird was not a faint wash but a significant yellow 
coloration to underparts, not unlijke that of a Western Kingbird.

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> Dear Clay:
> You wrote:
> Since it sounds like the people that saw the bird are
> all in agreement that it showed noticeable yellow underneath, I accept 
> that
> as evidence that it was indeed an "unusual" kingbird, and definitely not a
> normal Eastern.    I have never seen a "yellowish" Eastern, nor have I 
> seen
> a photo of one.
> Many years ago I worked as a nature counselor at a camp in Massachusetts. 
> We had a couple of annual nesting Eastern Kingbirds on the property. I 
> recall that a few young had a pale yellowish wash, maybe something like a 
> fall Willow Flycatcher. I recall being excited the first time I saw one, 
> then I realized it was hanging around the other kingbirds and was just one 
> of them. Otherwise, it looked just like an Eastern Kingbird--no gray, just 
> black.
> Jim B.
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