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Fri Apr 4 12:24:29 EDT 2008

>From Bev Propen   4/4  Orange
At a class I am attending, a discussion was raised about how  to get money to 
help conservation efforts/purchasing land for wildlife etc in  the state of 
Connecticut.  The Pittman Robertson Act(1937) was mentioned  which placed an 
excise tax on rifles, shotguns, ammunition and the revenues go  directly to U.S. 
Fish & Wildlife Service strictly for conservation  efforts...
Someone suggested placing a small extra tax on bird seed sales  in CT, the 
proceeds of which would go strictly for conservation efforts/land  purchases for 
wildlife etc.  Personally I thought that would be a great  idea, although I 
am sure there are many aspects that I have not   thought of.
But when it was mentioned that the Upland Sandpiper needs 150  acres of 
grassland for its needs, and other species such as Bobolinks need  5-10 acres, I 
thought that I wouldn't mind spending a bit extra for bird seed if  those 
proceeds went for that use.  Other like-minded individuals may feel  the same way 
and would this not be a great way to raise those  funds.
Perhaps approaching a friendly legislator in the Connecticut  government to 
introduce that idea?
Any thoughts by the birding  community?

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