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MHMooreP at aol.com MHMooreP at aol.com
Sat Apr 5 17:56:42 EDT 2008

Hi Don: In general I agree with you and share your distrust of just about all 
things political. I was especially jaded by working for five years in the US 
Senate. Where we digress is because of how money for hunting, fishing and 
trapping licenses have been applied in Connecticut. To the best of my knowledge 
they go to the wildlife division of DEP and have never been diverted to other 
purposes. (Fortunately because of my advanced age I now have lifetime licenses 
and don't have to renew each year.)     
    If an additional tax, beyond the sales tax, were to be imposed on birding 
purchases, strict assurances would be required that the money be dedicated to 
environmental projects funded through DEP. I fully realize that any promise 
could be broken, such as the promise years ago that any gambling revenues would 
be used for public education. So Connecticut legalized gambling and the 
promise went "poof."  That's why in my posting, I didn't support the proposal, but 
suggested it was a fascinating topic for discussion. I'd be interested in 
views from Jim and Jerry. as great birders and birding shop owners, about the 
practicality of such a program.
Marty Moore

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