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Alex Coffey coughster at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 13:14:56 EDT 2008

Hey CT Birders!

This is Alex Coffey - CT native. I've been out-of-state for a good
while as an undergrad - the only birding I've done in CT this year was
the New Haven CBC.

I've been in contact with a few of our "twitcher" friends across the
pond, specifically the site facilitators of "BUBO Listing." It's a
website that provides a free service for birders to, without hassle,
post their various types of lists, compare with the lists of others,
and also view your biggest must-haves (or "blockers" - that is, birds
you haven't seen). Along the lines of most listing comparisons, it's
all honor-system.

Originally the site started small, just a service to British lists -
but they wanted to make it bigger. As their American "tester," I
helped gather some of the info they needed to bring their GREAT
website stateside. And I'm happy to announce that yesterday, BUBO
Listing was opened for US listers! Now, in accordance with member
requests (it's a very quick, easy, painless registration), they will
be gradually adding more states' lists - but the best news? CT birders
can start right away! Since I was their tester, the Connecticut list
was the first list up! They have such a great thing going, anyone
interested in a fun, organized place to keep their lists should
definitely check it out!


You don't have to register to view current lists, so feel free to
browse before you sign-up!

--Alex Coffey
Woodbridge (though not currently, haha)

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