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MHMooreP at aol.com MHMooreP at aol.com
Fri Apr 4 17:35:21 EDT 2008

Bev raises an interesting point. In Connecticut, license fees for fishermen, 
hunters and trappers go to the DEP. Historically, this system probably made 
sense because these were the groups that fought for preservation and management 
of open space long before the "environmental movement," as we know it today, 
came into being. Now that fishing, hunting and trapping are declining sharply 
in this heavily populated part of the country, perhaps the time is ripe to 
widen the tax base for conservation beyond sportsmen by including the birding 
Yikes, another tax! But we birders have had a free ride on conservation 
"taxes" while others bore the burden. It's certainly worth a debate.
Marty Moore

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