[CT Birds] poisons

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Sun Apr 6 12:06:20 EDT 2008

    Meredith's article is such an important issue facing our world today, and as bird watchers and naturalists, we need to spread the word to others on this most important subject. Soon it will be to late to turn around the eradication of many life species, including Man itself.

    Man made poisons are really not necessary today, but we are using them more now than ever before world wide. A short sighted solution to a growing human population that needs more food from our planet each year. This just can not continue at the rate it is going without accelerated eradication of life on the earth, first goes wildlife, then man itself. We all need to do our part to help in this growing global problem . What can we do?

    Grow your own organic vegetables when you can, create your own fertilizer from composting, raise your own chickens for eggs, Buy local produce, support groups that foster changes that address these issues. 
Wildlife, including birds can not defend themselves, concerned people need to do that for them, as well as for ourselves in the end...........

    Thank you Meredith for reminding all of us of the realities we face every day, and the unfortunate results it poses to all life itself, all as a result of man's ever increasing population of this fragile world we all live in.

Paul Carrier

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