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Mon May 26 21:47:08 EDT 2008

CT Birders,

Early this morning I was in the clinic when I heard a call I have never heard before, except on birding tapes. I knew it was a flycatcher but  could not remember which one. Ran for my binos and found the bird at the top of our very old cherry tree which is mostly dead wood. The bird was sitting out in the open on a dead branch facing me. Streaked sides, white throat and breast, orange lower mandible, and a short tail.  Guessed it yet? Olive sided flycatcher! He was so cool and easy to identify, especially by song!

I really must listen to the tapes more, for I have so little time to search out birds but I am good at immediately realizing when a different call or song is heard. Thank god for vocalizations for those of us who do not have time to go bird watching!

Last night deliberately listened for whip poor wills and was rewarded with one in our back woods and one near the top of our property where it runs into Hamlin Brook Pass, a new development.

Cedar waxwings are starting to pair up and watched a couple tonight flycatching from the top of the cherry tree.

 An Eastern wood pewee finally showed up this weekend, and can be heard regularly. 

Last week I saw my first brant at Carmody farm, Cheshire, in a field with 2 mallards.

Have 2 pileated woodpeckers in rehab, both hit by cars or in one case hit by  school bus. Have 2 B.orioles, one cat caught, one window strike, and a first for TRW, a bobolink, who was dog caught, with a badly luxated knee, :(((((( The bobolink came from Burlington. Have 9 orphaned  bluebirds now as well as other baby birds. Its' really starting to get busy!

We are loaded in Orioles this yeasr I must have at least 8 or so birds coming to the feeders and nesting nearby. There is constant song, chattering and chasing! With different females coming to the pond for milkweed strands to build their nest with.

This a.m I watched a catbird pull strips of grapevine bark off our pergola draped in grapevines, and head into a forsynthia in the side garden. 

Black capped chickadees hatched in the nest box by the driveway, tiny little jelly beans!

White breasted nuthatch, chipping sparrow, red bellied woodpecker, buebirds, and robins are all coming for mealworms and flying away with mouthfuls to feed young. The female bluebird has begun a 2nd nest and the robin is already sitting on 4 eggs! 

We are not sure what the swifts are doing, except for the fact there is 2 in our house chimney as I type. I do not know what they are thinking except that they are so determined to use it instead of the new one but it is lined and really not a good situation for them or their young! Time will tell how it works out.

I LOVE this time of year! And am so thankful to have all of these wonderful birds  to share space with!

Jayne Amcio/Southington

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