[CT Birds] Waterford - warblers and e. wood pewee in power cut opposite Millstone

Sailcarm at aol.com Sailcarm at aol.com
Tue May 27 15:00:27 EDT 2008

5/25 and 5/27 -- the power cut on RT 1 (Boston Post Rd) in Waterford across 
the street from the Dominion Millstone Nuclear Power Plant and also the 
adjacent woodlands to the west of the power cut

I don't know why I don't bird this area more frequently -- it's just a short 
walk from my house.   I basically saw the same assortment of birds both days.  
Here is a fairly complete list, leaving off only the common birds such as 
cardinals and goldfinches:

1 eastern wood pewee (heard 5/25; heard and seen this morning)

warblers:   many  prairie, blue-winged, c. yellowthroat, and yellow, 1 black 
and white.   Several of the blue-winged warblers were singing a bee-buzz-buzz 
or a bee-buzz-buzz-buzz .  I had some really great looks at them, so I could 
tell that they were not hybrids.  Is this a common secondary song?

several white-eyed vireos
2 red-eyed vireos

many towhees and veerys (is that the correct plural or is it spelled 
veeries?), 1 wood thrush, 1 scarlet tanager, 2 house wrens, 1 Carolina wren, many 
catbirds, several barn swallows flying, 1 great egret flying, 1 red-tailed hawk 

Carolyn Cimino

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