[CT Birds] Captured Cockatiel

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Also know that there was a cockatiel on the loose in my old Waterbury 
neighborhood  for over three years and it appeared to do just fine through 
the winter.  I am not advocating leaving it outside but more marveling at 
how tough these parrots are.


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> First, I know this is not what this forum is for but I thought it was the 
> best place to get an answer so here it goes....
>  Last week I had a strange visitor come to our back-yard in Naugatuck. It 
> was a bird with a call that I did not recognize. Soon the visitor showed 
> up at our feeder. It was a common gray cockatiel. It had evidentally 
> escaped or is a released pet. This bird was obviously tame and not as 
> skidish as the wild birds. Not wanting to see the little guy (or girl in 
> this case) get devoured by the nieghbor's cat or maybe a hawk, I came up 
> with a theory. If the bird was a pet, it might be acustomed to a cage. I 
> had a large cage in my celler 18 x 18 x 36 inches high. I placed some seed 
> in the cage and wired the doors open. Three days later I had a Cockatiel 
> which was quite content in the cage and is currently in my house safe and 
> sound.
>  The problem is that I do not want a pet bird. Can someone suggest a good 
> way to go with this? Is there anyone interested in this bird? Is there a 
> cockatiel rescue or something like that? I will donate the cage to anyone 
> or any place someone might recommend. She's a beautiful bird, and her 
> vocalization is not annoying.
>  If you have a suggestion or if you are interested please reply.
>  Bill Sweet
>  Naugatuck
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