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Wed May 28 19:31:55 EDT 2008

Tim - 

The PINE SISKIN can actually nest anywhere in CT after an eruptive year, so please keep an eye out for your bird. May is a good time for them to nest here.  I am getting one regularly now at the feeder, but not the two together at one time as was the case in April.  This might be for reasons that the female stays on the nest most of the time, and the male will often feed her there. My Siskins will still not feed often with the Goldfinch, and they are visiting the feeder much less as well. I hear them most every day though.

Your bird might also be a single with no mate, but just a late migrant. Try to look for signs of nesting or a pair, and record your sightings and singing calls. Siskins are Territorial, so they should be seen and heard around where you have seen them often if they are nesting. I find my pair are much more quiet and less noticable then the Goldfinch now, but this could be that the Golds nest much later then Siskins.

Please keep posting your sightings here Tim! 
Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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