[CT Birds] Olive-sided /Mourning Deja Vu

Tim Antanaitis timant123 at yahoo.com
Wed May 28 21:22:39 EDT 2008

>From Tim Antanaitis:
5/28 - East Hampton, Laurel Ridge -- PINE SISKIN
Manchester, Porter/Howard Reservoir off Ferguson Rd -- OLIVE-SIDED
Manchester, field behind plaza off Pleasant Valley Rd -- GRASSHOPPER


If you're like me, you always check those spots where you had good migrating
birds in the past.  If you're still like me, you never see those birds there ever
again - until today.  Twice.  The Olive-sided Flycatcher was in the SAME EXACT
TREE where I saw one 6/8/02.  The Mourning Warbler was in the SAME EXACT
BUSH where I saw one 5/24/04.  I kid you not.  Deja vu.

The Mourning was in the bushes right at the dirt parking lot on Ferguson Rd.
>From the parking lot take the trail and stay to the right and cross the small
stream.  Take the small path that goes up the hill on the left.  The Olive-sided
was on a snag near the powerlines just a few hundred yards from the parking lot.

Tim Antanaitis
East Hampton

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