[CT Birds] Bobolinks and Osprey

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Thu May 29 21:12:53 EDT 2008

At Thompson Dam in Thompson I checked out the area being  managed as grass 
lands.  I saw no sign of Meadowlarks, sorry to say ,  although I did see a few 
about 3 weeks ago.  However I'm happy to report  that the fields were full of 
Bobolinks!  I'm sure I saw a least 10, and the  sound of their songs was 
everywhere.  At least there seems to be 1 healthy  population of them in northeast 
I also stopped at the marsh along Rt 44 in Eastford to check on  the Ospreys. 
 They have nested again this year , aprrently sucsessfully, to  date anyway, 
as the female (I presume) was obviously feeding something for at  least 5 
minutes after I arrived, though I could not see into the nest.  I  also saw an 
interesting interaction.  The male Osprey arrived and sat on a  snag about 20 
feet from the nest.  A minute or so later he flew again and  climbed rapidly, 
then suddenly folded his wings and dove falcon-like towards the  base of the tree 
the nest is in.  
A Great Blue Heron hurredly took off and flew across the marsh,  pursued 
closely by the Osprey.  2 or 3 minutes later, however, the heron  came back, only 
to be chased again.  There is a heron rookery at the back  of the pond, with 
at least 5 active nests.  I am hoping the above does not  indicate some sort of 
problem between the 2 species, as a GBH could obviously  gulp down a young 
Osprey chick, given the chance.  Also, for the first time  ever I saw a canoe on 
the pond, at the far shore near the heron nests.  The  2 people in it got out 
and went into the forest, then came back about 10 minutes  later.  I wondered 
if they were doing some sort of research on the  herons.  However, after  
embarking again 1 of them popped open a can  of beer, Busch I believe.  (Yes, I 
could see it that well with my  scope).  Doesn't seem consistent with a 
researcher.  I hope this does  not imply some human interference there.  I'm sure the 
herons will be fine,  but I am conserned about the Ospreys.  I did not see 
them near the Osprey  nest while I was there. 
Don Morgan

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