[CT Birds] Listing Software and methods

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Fri May 30 15:21:49 EDT 2008

I keep my records (almost 32000 entries over ten years) using
Birder's Diary (www.birdersdiary.com), a commercial software product.
 I have no experience with the competitors so I can not compare it to
any of the alternatives.

One strength of Birder's Diary that I really appreciate is the way
locations are handled.  I can define as many locations as I want, and
"nest" them as many levels deep as I want.  Each location (except
WORLD) must be defined within another location, but it may be defined
under more than one.  The real strength are the locations I set up
for myself.  One example: I have five specific locations within
Guilford CT, all of which are grouped under the location Guilford,
which is within New Haven County, which is within Connecticut, and so
forth up to WORLD.

Another strength is data entry.  It provides multiple ways of
performing entry.  One I use sometimes is voice entry; I say the
species name into a microphone and it identifies the species.  That
works imperfectly, but still speeds things up because I can read them
from my notes in any order.

The reporting is powerful, with some shortcomings that I can live
with.  (The next release has been promised with improved reporting.)

It is not cheap, and keeping up with updated taxonomic lists and new
releases of the software is an ongoing cost.

Tech support is excellent.  Documentation has become out of date but
that is being addressed.  If you try it be SURE to take the time to
go through the Quick Start Guide.  Just about everyone who skips this
step ends up having to start over and re-enter their initial work.

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

--- Craig Repasz <crepasz at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I am curious how people manage their life, state or region lists
> and field notes. Do you buy a special listing software; use eBird;,
> use a basic spread sheet or a database; or an old fashion notebook.
> Craig

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