[CT Birds] A couple running their dog on Sandy Point!

Mark Aronson markaronson at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 21:02:08 EDT 2008

This evening at 7ish a couple  let their russet colored retriever/setter
type dog run up and down the harbor side of the shore line,  as the owner
said  "the dog has fun chasing the birds."

I gave  my best lecturing but don't know if I got through.  If you see this
couple again maybe more numbers would help.

I note their is a "no dog" sign on the beach side of the point, but their is
no sign at the north end of the parking lot from where we walk into the
mud.  Is there any way to get a sign put up there?  Who would know, I would
be happy to call the appropriate authority and even chip in for a sign.

Mark Aronson

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