[CT Birds] Area K - Woodbury-Roxbury (CT) June Bird Count

John D Babington davewb07 at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jun 3 11:14:22 EDT 2008

I at last got around to figuring out my bird count numbers for the Area K for the Woodbury-Roxbury June Bird Count, which was held on Sunday (June 1). Since I am no longer too concerned with getting high numbers of species, I decided to do my June bird count a bit differently this year. I walked the first four hours of the June Bird Count in the AM  (about five and a half miles or so) and then drove/walked for a few hours in the PM. Frankly I enjoyed the walk over the driving/walking part of the count. While I had only 50 species of birds for my bird count day I suspect there was one bird I saw while walking in the AM that I might have missed if I had been driving/walking. I had a singing brown thrasher in Roxbury on Davenport Rd near the intersection of Painter Ridge Rd. The brown thrasher flew away from Davenport Rd while I was trying to see it better. When I came up Davenport Rd and turned left on to Painter Ridge Rd I found the brown thrasher
 again feeding dangerous along this road. Traffic goes a bit too fast on Painter Ridge Rd, so I hope the thrasher survives it's dangerous feeding method along this road. I only saw one brown thrasher for sure but at same time of year I suspect there may be a breeding pair of brown thrasher here.
I also had six yellow-bellied sapsuckers (not a "rare" bird in this part of CT), two field sparrows, and nine bobolinks in my count of 50 species.
David Babington
Washington, CT

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