[CT Birds] Willow or Alder?

William Sweet w.sweet at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jun 3 15:47:31 EDT 2008


Your recollection of my thoughts last year are right on the money.
 Funny you 
should post this, because I went up to the site a week or so ago and
what I assume is the same bird in the same place. While I was there he 
sounded very much like an Alder, despite my doubts about an Alder being
that location. I was going to post something then but never got around
it. As I listened to song after song I thought maybe this is an Alder
they're going to start a little southward range expansion, ala 
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. I was probably influenced by the fact that
was a sapsucker there at the time drumming on a utility pole (well
 south of 
that species' historic range in CT)!

So the safe answer right now is: interesting and I'm not really sure

Greg Hanisek

William Sweet <w.sweet at sbcglobal.net> wrote:  Last year I posted on the subject of a possible Alder Flycatcher in Veteran's Park in Watertown (actually in the powerline cut behind the park). The song was so much like an Alder to me that I recorded it as such for a couple of years in my journal. 

After the post last year, Greg Hanisek investigated this bird and he agreed it was a song very much like an Alder but he was leaning toward a Willow singing like an Alder as the habitat is very much Willow friendly. Greg - please correct me if I'm wrong with your estimation. 

Anyway - Today at noon I took a walk in the powerline cut and heard a flycatcher song that was a little more Willow than Alder but yet still mixed... not quite a pure Willow song. It will be interesting to see (if this bird hangs around) if this song becomes more Alder-like as it settles in over the next month as in the previous years.

If anyone is interested... Veteran's Park in Watertown is on Nova Scotia Drive off of 262. If you drive the loop-road and come to the basketball courts... Park there. The path to the powerline cut is across from the courts. Keep straight on the path and goes to the right and connects to a service trail. Walk that service trail. This area has been pretty good birding over the years. 
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