[CT Birds] Duck story

Carol Bauby gypsy.carol at charter.net
Tue Jun 3 22:51:58 EDT 2008

Dear List Members,

Both my husband Tom and I enjoy looking for different ducks at different 
times of the year and have traveled the east coast to do this. 

Well, on Sunday night, we were relaxing in our family room in the 
downstairs of our high ranch, and heard a weird scratching noise coming 
from the wood stove that we don't use much because it doesn't draw very 
well and the room fills with smoke, even with an addition to the 
chimney.  We sort of forgot about it but on Monday night we heard the 
same noise.  So there was something alive in the woodstove but what 
should we do??? Not open the door in my mind!!!  We *thought* it was 
most likely a squirrel who fell in the chimney.  SO, we called our son 
who came over today, fearless that he is.  You will never guess what was 
found in the woodstove............a female red breasted merganser 
(deceased a short time)!!!!!!!!!!! We may never know how this poor duck 
fell into the small flue and eventually into the woodstove.

Does anyone have any ideas on this?  The top of the flue is small, about 
the size of a cinder block.

  ~Carol in Harwinton

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