[CT Birds] Orchard Oriole expansions -

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jun 4 16:47:27 EDT 2008

Today, June 4, saw an ORCHARD ORIOLE for the first time in this area on rd near Bakerville swamp New Hartford. With the talk here about breeding bird expansions, what about this species? I know they have expanded their breeding territories up the CT river valley recently, but how far north have they reached into north western and north eastern areas of our State?

Also: While birding Bakerville swamp, I looked over the bridge and startled (as well as myself) a Great blue Heron feeding there. With so much overhanging vegetation it could not fly up and away, so it  jumped into the deep stream and SWAM (floated) up stream! 
I did not know they could SWIM so well. 
Has anyone else seen a Heron swim?

And a quick credit to the Swamp Sparrow I just saw.
 Their is no picture nor colored Illustration I've ever seen that can match a spring male Swamp sparrow observed well through binoculars. To see this bird in it's fullest bright and colorful splendor, you need to be there!

Paul Carrier

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