[CT Birds] late Alder Flycatchers

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Fri Jun 6 12:11:02 EDT 2008

I second the words of Greg Hanisek here as to the sightings of the Alder Flycatcher south of their established breeding grounds in CT. They are very late migrants onto their breeding territories - often well into June. Just the sighting and hearing the song of this species in swamps here in southern CT, especially in May, does not indicate a breeding bird. I have still to hear an Alder at Bakerville swamp in New Hartford this year where they regularly nest , and it's June 6th. 

Paul Carrier

"It's also good to note that Alder is probably the latest migrant among CT's 
breeding species, so birds heard singing Alder songs even now in southern 
areas may be migrants (as Frank Gallo noted in a post on one from the recent 
Stratford Bioblitz)."

Greg Hanisek

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