[CT Birds] Black-neck Stilt at Barn Island

ORCHIDS bulbophyllum at charter.net
Sat Jun 7 20:59:18 EDT 2008

 From west to east the marshes (former impoundments - the road is  
actually a series of low earthen dikes) are numbered 1 to 5 (aka  
Brucker Marsh).  5 stills has water impounded by a few weir boards.   
This is a good spot to look for waders.  The first year flow was  
opened to this marsh - circa 1988 - we had an Avocet in the spring.

Here are some other places to check:  Impoundment I and III.  Between  
Imp III and IV there are a bunch of pannes/pools.

South of Impoundment III there are numerous pannes - not sure that you  
can see birds from the dike (see the link below).  Use the birds-eye  
view to - it will give you far more detail.  These pools are returning  
to the marsh since the state abandoned maintenance of mosquito  
ditches.  Same for the pools near the Meigs Pt parking lot at Hammo.


If you have the chance to visit Maui - you can find the Hawaiian Black- 
neck Stilt near the airport - there is a state park/wetland on the way  
to the airport - see link below.


Ron, Ashford

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