[CT Birds] breeding C Mergansers

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jun 8 09:10:50 EDT 2008

I am interested in Patrick's COA trip at Bend where they had a female Common Merganser. 

Here in CT, I believe around 1982ish, I spotted a female common Merganser with young on the Farmington river in Collinsville CT. This was the first documented sighting of a breeding bird south of the  Barkhamsted / Colebrook areas just south into CT of the Mass border where they had been nesting since I believe the mid 70's. The first documented nesting was in 1962, but CT Atlas does not say where this sighting was.

So how far south has this species of duck reached as a breeder here in CT since these dates?  Could you please post some of your southern breeding sightings here on this post? Especially south of the Farmington river.

Thanks,  Paul Carrier

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