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Wed Jul 23 14:41:37 EDT 2008

>From Bev Propen  7/23  Orange
Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center, Milford Point    10AM-1PM
low tide, rising.  rainy -thundering , 75  degrees.
2 Purple Martins seen at Purple martin house, walking into  center.
all four osprey chicks have fledged.  It's great to watch  them soaring 
around, landing in the nest, on the camera.  When I arrived  this morning they were 
eating a fish on their own.  During the  thunderstorms they were hunkered 
down in the nest or on the camera.  At  noon the male brought another fish, which 
one of the juveniles took possession  of and he was continuing to eat it 
until I left at 1PM.
Seen from marsh windows-song sparrows, house sparrows, house  finches, 
cardinals, robins, tree swallows, catbirds,  grackles ,  starlings, mockingbirds, 
mourning doves,  heard a house wren.  Shore  birds include  snowy egrets, Great 
egrets,semi-palmated  sandpipers, Least sandpipers, lesser yellowlegs,  1 
Glossy Ibis, a  ring billed gull eating a crab,  many  mute swans, one swan had a  
cygnet, 1 Great Blue Heron, 1 Yellow crowned night heron,  mallards,   2 
American Oystercatchers and many Double crested cormorants.  Lots of  human 

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